Valcare’s Social Impact department plays a critical role in the company to provide accountability and to influence strategic direction. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (MER) is the lifeblood of Social Impact as it allows impact measuring of funds and investments, operations, programmes and interventions to ensure accountability to funders and stakeholders.

Lebogang Molapo has recently been appointed as the new Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and will be working closely with our experienced Social Impact Manager, Anniza Burnett.

We checked in with Lebo to find out more about her and her work:

10 Q&A’s with Lebogang Molapo

1. Tell us about your academic background. What did you study and what interests you most about the field?

I obtained my MCom Degree in Public and Development Management from Stellenbosch University.

My passion for public service and the urge to make a difference is what led me to enrol in the course.

My studies didn’t only enable me to be an effective Developmental Practitioner, but it also equipped me with the knowledge and skills to contribute in society in general.

2. Why did you decide to follow a career in the Social Impact space?

I’ve always been interested in following a career that will contribute to the greater good and that will add value to society. That’s what’s working in Social Impact spaces means to me.

I find it exciting and fulfilling!

3. If you could change one thing in South Africa, what would you change first?

If I could change one thing in the country right now, I would change access to education. It should be free for all.

4. Why is MER so important for nonprofits?

Without MER, nonprofits cannot track their own progress nor make informed decisions regarding operations management and service delivery.

You see MER enables a nonprofit to efficiently and effectively use their resource, to determine the extent to which their project or programme is on track, to make any needed corrections accordingly and to evaluate the extent to which the programme/project is having or has had the desired impact.

It should truly be the foundation of any nonprofit organisation.

5. What projects will you be working on at Valcare?

I am excited to assist the Social Impact Manager with day-to-day MER tasks to monitor, support and guide our nonprofit partner organisations who receive social investment funds from Valcare.

I will also do research, conduct needs analysis in communities, and write articles industry specific topics to share with the Valcare network/members.

6. What are you most excited about in your new job?

Definitely working with the change-agents in the different communities. I am excited to engage with them, learn from them and be of service to them.

7. What skills do you think Gen Z leaders can bring to the table in organisations?

Gen Z’s are incredibly knowledgeable in technology and because of that I think they can problem solve more efficiently and effectively through the use innovative technology.

8. Covid-19 has created an uncertain world for many organisations. What skills or processes do you think will pull them through these tough times?

Resilience and adaptability.

9. What is your life motto?

“One step at a time, but always forward”.

10. What #selfcare activities do you do to ensure you stay inspired?

I listen to uplifting music. Some of my favourite inspirational songs include, “Don’t stop believing” by Journey and “In your eyes” by Peter Gabriel.

I also meditate and pray, and keep a gratitude journal that I complete every week.

We welcome Lebo to the Valcare team and wish her a satisfying and successful career.