Stories: Real Heroes

1. Become a Social Investor

It all starts with a conversation. Get in touch with us to find out how you can make a change in South Africa’s communities. Nation Builder ensures our network of funders and corporates’ contributions enable actual social change. Social investors are invited to invest directly in Nation Builder. Our investors contribute to the future of the social sector—one that is marked by professionalism and standardisation, where South African nonprofits become resilient through support and collaboration.

2. Apply for Membership

Through collaboration, organisations can achieve optimal impact. Nation Builder has a thriving network of social investors and nonprofits working toward a collaborative social effort. We offer guidance and capacity building to help your organisation excel. Together we can make a difference.

3. Other Ways to Give

Many of our member organisations have ongoing needs. If you would like to help make an impact, you can donate goods or your services. Donations, whether physical or professional, can change whole communities.