Valcare has a thriving membership network with hundreds of like-minded organisations and projects in the Cape Winelands, which contribute to and gain from our collective efforts to activate and enable social change.

But why should you become a member? What’s in it for you? Here are a couple of Frequently Asked Questions and a list of benefits that will help your organisation.

Who can become a Valcare member?

All NPO / NGO / charity organisations and projects who adhere to Valcare’s values and ethos and who will contribute to the combined efforts and strategy of the network in the Cape Winelands.

Important note: If you are an Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD), you will have to register for 2021 membership at Inceba Trust which will automatically give you both Inceba Trust and Valcare benefits. Please click here.

What is the duration of membership?

Valcare membership runs per calendar year: 1 January – 31 December.
Registrations open in October and applications are accepted any time during the year, but if you want to apply for funding, you will have to be a member first.

Valcare membership for 2022 once again also includes a Training Voucher that will offer one free training session to any one staff member from your organisation.



General Organisational Training

Valcare members get the opportunity to attend a variety of thematic training sessions at a heavily discounted rate, to ensure they get up-skilled in the necessary business areas of running a successful organisation.

Valcare members: R70 per training session.
Non-Valcare members: R170 per training session.

Peer to Peer training

Valcare encourages our member organisations to offer peer training at a discounted rate to our membership network. Subject matter experts are invited to pass on their insights to their peers.

Valcare members: R250 per training session.
Non-Valcare members: R500 per training session.

If you are a Valcare member and would like to present a Peer to Peer training session, please get in touch with us.

Industry Specific Training

Valcare offers training opportunities relating to specific topics in your industry that could be of benefit to your organisation.

Strategic Organisational Support

We partner with nonprofit industry experts to facilitate strategic support programmes to grow and develop member organisations.

Volunteer Connections

Valcare often receives requests from volunteers to donate their time or skills to help worthy causes. Members are invited to submit their volunteer needs to Valcare, so we can connect volunteers with organisations.

Click here to submit your volunteer needs.


There is power in collaboration, and Valcare encourages coordinated efforts amongst our members. Currently, Valcare facilitates the following coordinated efforts:

Child Protection

The Drakenstein Child Protection steering committee coordinates initiatives like training and mentoring to child-focused organisations. In partnership with Ezrah Community Training and Development.


Developing ethical standards within member organisations. Facilitated by Ezrah Community Training and Development.

Food and Nutrition

To coordinate feeding schemes and soup kitchens in the area to regularly come together for support and peer learning sessions.

Women Empowerment

Called the Mercy Women Empowerment Coordinated Effort, we focus on training and mentoring women-focused organisations to learn from one another, collaborate and stay motivated. In partnership with Ezrah Community Training and Development.

Education Support

Connecting educational initiatives in the Cape Winelands with one another to collaborate, share resources and learn new skills.

Sport and Recreation

Uniting similar organisations in the Cape Winelands who facilitate sport and recreation activities in communities to learn from one another, share resources and ideas.

Skills Development and Job Readiness

Gathering as a group of organisations who all facilitate programmes on skills development and job readiness.

If you are a Valcare member and would like to coordinate a new collaborative effort, please get in touch.


Social and Professional Events

Members will get invited to occasional social and professional events where guest speakers will encourage and inspire.

Networking Events

Valcare hosts regular networking events during the year to ensure that organisations connect and share with each other.

Prayer Network

Valcare is a Christ-centred organisation and prayer is a crucial component within the organisation.
The Valcare Prayer Room in Paarl is also available to members from Monday to Friday (9:00 – 16:00).

Please click here to view the monthly prayer guide.

Social Workers Support Network

To uplift and support social workers in the Paarl valley and surrounding areas by organising quarterly feel good networking breakfasts. In partnership with Khula Development Group.

If you are a social worker and would like to attend any of these sessions, please get in touch.

If you are a Valcare member, please share your prayer requests and good testimonies with us.

Work groups and Think Tanks

Valcare occasionally gets organisations and individuals of similar interests together to discuss important topics and ideas.


Facilities sharing

  • The new Vuka Social Impact Co-working Space in Paarl is an office space that will be shared between Valcare, Inceba Trust and Labit and other organisations.Some of the facilities will be available to Valcare member organisations to rent or utilise from Monday to Friday (09:00-16:00) by booking ahead.
  • Boardroom and meeting rooms
  • Creative brainstorming room
  • Wifi and printing facilities
  • Hot-desking working spaces

You can find out more about Vuka and how to book by sending us an email at

If you are a Valcare member and you have facilities to share with other members, please get in touch.

Funding Opportunities

All registered Valcare members get the opportunity to apply for funding twice a year, according to the relevant guidelines and criteria.
Click here to download the Valcare Funding Criteria and Guidelines documents.

Goods in Kind

Valcare receives an assortment of donated goods that gets managed systematically and distributed responsibly to Valcare members according to their needs.

Click here to complete our member needs form.

Information and Documents

Valcare shares valuable documents and resources that could benefit your organisation.
Click here to view the resources page on our website or contact us directly if you’re looking for something specific.

Member database

Even though Valcare’s member contact details will never be shared in its entirety, the organisation serves as the connector and will introduce relevant members with each other to network and collaborate for greater good.

Click here to view Valcare’s current Member List.


Members are invited to take hands with Valcare in an organised common purpose actions, press statements, events and awareness campaigns.


Awareness is created about challenges in the community by lobbying, educating, praying and mobilising campaigns to influence structures and systems.

Press Statements

Valcare makes press statements on important matters to create a voice of influence and change via the media, in the community.

Stories of Hope

Download the Valcare Membership Benefits page here.

If you are a member, you are permitted to download the Valcare Member Badge to use on your website here.