“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Valcare’s member organisations face many challenges, and each organisation usually has a long list of needs in order to serve the people that form part of their initiatives.

Here’s a summary of the needs that we’ve received from our members for April 2018.

How can you help?

  • Praying
  • Volunteering
  • Donating Gifts in Kind
  • Donating Financially

April 2018 Member Needs

Good Hope Day Care for Disabled Children
Crayons, paint, brushes, beads, threads, play dough, blocks, puzzles, hoola hoops, mattresses, food, clothing, pots, spoons.

Timeless Project
Denims, old linen, sheets, duvet covers, old broom sticks.

The Grape Community
An architect who will be willing to do pro bono work.

RAHAB Ministry
Double bed duvet, iron, washing machine, transport for 6yr old girl to Magnolia Primary School, school clothing for 6yr old girl (white shirt, school dress), pillows, nappies for 3yr old, printer/scanner/photocopy machine.

Groenheuwel Soup Kitchen
Meat bones, split peas, soup mix, beans, samp, canned fisth, cake flour, chicken chunks, lentils, rice, potatoes, vegetables, pots, clothing, shoes.

AFM Hope Caring Welfare Group
Bread, peanut butter, jam, Halls concentrated and blended fruit juice.

Ma’s vir Wellington
Food (rice, porridge, lentils, milk, sugar, fruit, meat), and a refrigerator.

Nkuthazo Children’s Centre
Zink plates, potties, plastic tables and chairs, soap, ear buds, toys, volunteer, food, office chairs and tables, hard board, cutlery.

Khula Development Group
For the schools: Trays, kettles, cups, teaspoons, coffee and tea containers, dishwashing liquid, sponges, tissues, two-ply toilet paper, hand sanitiser, wet wipes and kitchen towel.
For the classes: curtains, vacuum cleaner, duster, broom, 10 kids outdoor tables and chairs, cupboard, bookshelf, soft blankets.
Stationery: A4 books, pencils, plastic and wrapping paper to cover books, glue.

Selina’s Soup Kitchen
Pasta, mayonnaise, polony, mixed vegetables, juice, butter, peanut butter, fruit, rice, fish oil, sugar, maize meal, lentils, soya mince, mealies, beans, meaty bones, soup mix, gas stove, large serving spoons, large pots, plastic plates, plastic spoons, plastic forks.

Little Angels Daycare
Large beads, flowers, puzzles, balls, stationery, files, paint, climbing equipment, hoola hoops, mattresses, blankets, plastic chairs, plastic tables, plastic animals, wooden blocks, cars, carpets, musical instruments, reading books, bicycles, sand appliances, paint brushes.

Computer, lockable filing cabinet, printer, camera, projector, stationery (archive files, flip chart papers, 20 x exam pads, 10 x pens, 5 x boxes marker pens).

If you can assist any of these organisations with their needs, please get in touch with us at admin@nationbuilder.co.za.