Nearly 100 children from Paarl East, Stellenbosch and Mbekweni participated in Valcare’s Sports and Recreation Coordinated Effort sports day.

The event, which the Sports and Recreation Coordinated Effort organised, focused on sports for development and creating a life-changing experience for the youths who attended.

girls on bicyles

According to Valcare’s network officer, Courtney Gabriels, collaboration was the driving force behind the sports day.

“The event was only made possible due to the dedication and hard work of the local NPOs who championed the day.”

The beneficiaries joined netball, soccer, and rugby games throughout the day. Some youths even took turns learning how to ride a bicycle for the first time. The group was also entertained through various educational activities led by Charlene Elliot, principal of Six 33 Learning Tree.

The day also allowed the children to make new friends and socialise. The kids were divided into teams and played friendly sports matches throughout the day.

Bernadette November from The Pebbles Project emphasised how crucial collaboration is for non-profits.

“Platforms like the coordinated efforts allow like-minded non-profits to gather and discuss best practices. At the end of the day, we have the same outcomes for our beneficiaries. Sports as a vehicle for change is invaluable. Children need sports to assist in their psychological well-being.”

Valcare would like to thank all the organisations, facilitators and coaches who made the day successful. Thank you, especially to our Valcare members: Prochorus Community Development, Hope Through Action, CoolPlay, Marge’s Soup Kitchen, Six 33 Learning Tree, Anna Foundation, The Pebbles Project, Grassroots Sports and Culture Organisation, and Mbekweni Eco Club.