** Important Notice: Please note that due to Coronavirus (Covid-19), the training schedule topics have been adapted and will be presented online via Zoom. For enquiries, please contact admin@nationbuilder.co.za.

As part of Valcare’s capacity building benefits to our member organisations, we present affordable training sessions to nonprofits in the Cape Winelands. These morning workshops are hosted in Paarl and aim to up-skill managers and employees in all areas of running a successful nonprofit organisation.

Who may attend the Valcare training sessions?

All registered nonprofits and charitable organisations are welcome to attend the training although Valcare members get preferential rates for these sessions.

What is the cost of a Valcare training session?

We strive to make the sessions as affordable as possible and the fees cover basic administrative, venue and catering costs.

Valcare members: R70 per person per training session.
Non-Valcare members: R170 per person per training session.

Please note that each Valcare member receives a training voucher when signing up for 2020 membership. This voucher can be used for any staff member of your organisation, for any training session during the year.

What is included in the training?

  • The sessions are usually three hours long and presented by professionals in the respective field.
  • Coffee, tea and light snacks

What are the training topics for 2020?

In 2019 we sent out a survey to all our members and did extensive research, to determine the most needed topics for 2020.

When can you register for a training session?

Online registrations for all the training sessions below will open in January 2020. You can book and pay in advance to reserve your seat.