This year, Valcare celebrated 11 years of the Proteas of the Valley initiative. Ten women were honoured for their contributions to the Cape Winelands’ communities.

The women, who selflessly work to improve the lives of others, were celebrated during an event held earlier this month at Kronenburg Estate, Paarl. During the morning, the women shared their moving and uplifting stories. These women have come from all walks of life and have unique experiences that moulded them into the strong women they are today.

proteas of the valley

Cynthia Kabanyana, a previous Protea of the Valley, said: “For me, the initiative is very significant because it gives an opportunity and a space for women to showcase their talents and encourages them to continue doing what God has put in their hands; to serve others and to serve their communities. And for the mere fact that the Proteas have been going on for 11 years means that this is God’s mandate, a legacy that we need to pray for and ensure that it continues. There are people who wouldn’t be acknowledged, and Valcare has given them that, mentally, emotionally, and socially, and I wish that this initiative never ends.”

Among the attendees were representatives from KWV, a Proteas of the Valley sponsor.

Ahnel Wright, a KWV executive, said: “It is a privilege for us to be part of the initiative because of the work these women do in the community and the impact they make. Every year, I wonder where these women still get time to help other women and do the work they do in the communities. I think it is because they go over and beyond. They make time; for KWV, it’s an easy answer to be part of it.”

These phenomenal Proteas women have continued to uplift and improve the circumstances of those around them without seeking recognition and will continue to do so. When asked about her next steps, Garine de Wet, 2023 Protea of the Valley, stated that the event inspired her to do more. “You don’t do things to be seen, but when you get that recognition, the pat on the back, or when someone tells you that you’re doing a good job, it inspires me to do more. This event has inspired me a lot, especially the significance of what a Protea is, and I think it says a lot about the Proteas women, about their resilience, encouragement and strength.”

The event was an overall success and could only have been done with the sponsors and, ultimately, the 2023 Proteas of the Valley. May their stories continue to inspire those around them and uplift the lives that they touch in their communities. These women are true reflections of the Protea as they continuously display resilience and strength that continue to serve as an inspiration to us all.

Thank you to the KWV Foundation, Val de Vie Foundation, Kronenburg Estate, and Pure Legacy for sponsoring this initiative. Valcare also thanks all of our other partners for helping us make this event possible.