International Mandela Day is celebrated on 18 July each year, and the essence has always been to take action and inspire change.

This year, with the world experiencing increased suffering, poverty and health challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our collaborative kindness is more important than ever.

As Valcare’s membership network of nonprofit organisations, we call on each and every one to be an active citizen on Mandela Day and beyond. To join the millions of people worldwide who are doing something to make a difference, whether for 67 minutes or longer.

Here’s a selection of Valcare member organisations in the Cape Winelands who are running Mandela Day initiatives that you can support, or get involved with in future:


Contribute to support soup kitchens with ingredients

As part of Valcare’s Covid-19 Response, nine soup kitchens will continuously be supported with much-needed ingredients during July and August.

Donate financially to help serve vulnerable people in the Cape Winelands with nutritious meals during this difficult time.

For more info:

Kin Culture

Donate and enjoy a 67 minute online music concert

Log onto Kin Culture’s Facebook page on 18 July 2020 at 19:30 to watch a live concert by local musicians Majozi, Bouwer Bosch and Bottomless Coffee Band. Although the event is free, the ‘virtual crowd’ is asked to make a donation towards Kin Culture’s mission.

The funds will be used to continue to build and support a community of loving, generous foster families to provide homes for vulnerable children in the Cape Winelands area.

For more info:

Pebbles Project

Sponsor Back to School COVID-19 educational packs

Pebbles is hosting their first ever Virtual Mandela Day. The event is taking place on Friday the 17th of July 2020 and people are invited to participate from your office, workplace or from the comfort of your home.

You can donate financially to help the team compile back to school educational packs (R350 per pack) or donate a pack filled with the following items:

  • 1 x pack thick large wax crayons
  • Water paint set
  • White glue or pritt stick
  • 1 x children scissors
  • Pack colour paper
  • Play dough
  • 1x Hand wash or sanitiser
  • 1x Children’s face mask
  • 1 pack Wet wipes
  • Pack all the items into a durable box or storage container

Add a personal touch: Get your creative juices flowing or get your children involved and decorate the storage box. You can also write an encouraging letter to the learner, caregiver or teacher and include it in the box.

For more info:

ACVV Paarl Vallei

Distributing winter gear for children in rural areas

Four rural schools in Paarl will be visited and each learner will be provided with a pair of gloves and a beanie to wear on cold winter mornings when they have to travel far distances to attend school.

ACVV will also be delivering pamper hampers to thank frontline and essential workers at local clinics.

Items needed:

  • Winter gloves (in different sizes)
  • Winter beanies (in different sizes)

For more info:

Community Keepers

Donate R67 to sponsor eleven therapy books for vulnerable children

Community Keepers have therapy rooms at schools all across Cape Town and the Winelands. They are safe spaces for vulnerable children to talk to social workers, psychologists and counsellors. During lockdown, they recreated their face-to-face sessions into an activity book format where they speak to children through play, and in their mother tongue.

For just R12 you can sponsor one complete set for one learner. If you and a friend each donate R67, together, you can ensure that ELEVEN children receive all 6 books in the series.

Right now, vulnerable children need us more than ever. These little booklets will remind them that we care. The books could be that bridge, that lifeline that makes all the difference.

If you are not in a position to make a donation, please watch their video on Resilience, and then share it on your Facebook page.

Educators and schools are invited to take 67 minutes to pause and watch this Community Keepers workshop on Trauma and practical techniques to use in the classroom.

For more info:

HearX Foundation

Pledge R100 to support healthy hearing training and meals

hearX usually uses Mandela Day to invite individuals to join their screening efforts in person during a hearing and vision screening day.

This year everyone is invited to join their virtual #MandelaDay2020 initiative! We are aiming to reach 67 (or more) pledges to make an impact in the community of Mbekweni where the hearX Foundation runs a hearing and vision screening programme for preschoolers.

Each pledge = R100 and will enable the hearX Foundation to provide four children with a nutritious meal (in partnership with Gratefulness Community Soup Kitchen) and to train one teacher regarding the importance of healthy hearing for healthy learning (through our exciting new WhatsApp-based training programme).

If you are keen to join hands with them, please follow the link:

For more info:

Hervormde Goudstukkies

Sponsor food parcel items and a tea party for the elderly

The Hervormde Goudstukkies team will be doing a variety of community outreaches on Mandela Day this year. Food and sanitary parcels will be compiled and handed out to vulnerable people, and a 67 minute cake and tea party will also be hosted for the elderly in the Paarl East community.

Items needed:

  • Non-perishable food
  • Toothpase
  • Toothbrush
  • Sanitary pads
  • Bibles
  • Soap
  • Nappies

If you can sponsor items towards this drive, please deliver it to 49 Eva Carolissen Street, Hill Side, Groenheuwel on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 09:00 and 17:00.

For more info:

Gratefulness Soup Kitchen

Hosting a cleaning initiative and serving lunch for vulnerable children

A group of unemployed ladies from Mbekweni prepares meals for about 200 children each day. By grace, they have managed to keep feeding the little tummies everyday throughout lockdown as these children no longer receive food provided by the government at their schools.

As a further gesture towards community service they plan to celebrate Mandela Day this year together with the children who receive meals from their kitchen, they are inviting the small hands to help clean the area where food is distributed. After the cleaning session, a braai will be held for the children.

Gratefulness Community Soup Kitchen is very grateful for all the food sponsors they receive. They would not have made it through without them. May the Good Lord bless your kind hearts and may you continue doing greatness.

For more info:

Inceba Trust

Sponsor Early Childhood Development PPE Packs

Inceba Trust is providing ECD practitioners, who can’t afford all the items needed to re-open their centres, with basic PPE Packs.

Donations are welcome to help with the following items:

  • Paper towel rolls
  • Material masks
  • Face shields
  • Soap bars
  • Under-arm thermometers
  • Bleach
  • Black bags
  • Sanitiser

Fore more info:

Ikhaya le Themba

Supporting families with Covid-19 kits

On Mandela Day, Ikhaya le Themba in Mbekweni will be distributing basic Covid kits with monthly food parcels to 213 families in need.

The kit has basic medications, a cup of soup, rehydrate solution, vicks vapour rub, lozenges and a a pack of single sachet soup packets with a scripture.

These will be handed out by the recipients to others that are struggling as an evangelical encouragement.

For more info:

Intsika Yesizwe Community Soup Kitchen

Offering activities and soup for vulnerable children

Intsika Yesizwe Community Soup Kitchen will be hosting activities to entertain the children in a safe way. Boys will be invited to play soccer whilst dancing will be offered to the girls in the community.

After the games, soup will be handed out in the park where there is enough space for social distancing. Cups of soup will also be delivered to the elderly in their homes, who are isolating due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For more info:

Hope Through Action and Score

Distributing blankets, food and hygiene packs to children

Val de Vie Foundation, TFG and Gift of the Givers are supporting Hope Through Action and SCORE, at the Mbekweni and Franschhoek Valley Sport Centres, to celebrate Mandela’s birthday.

400 children from Mbekweni and 67 from Groendal will each receive a beautiful purple blanket, plus 10kg rice, 10kg maize, a hygiene pack and a birthday party pack. In total with the combined sponsorships almost R220,000 worth items will be distributed to vulnerable children.

To keep everything safe, the gathering will be kept small and the sport centres are sanitised and disinfected using Neutra-Fog’s green technology product. All attendees will receive masks and hand sanitiser.

For more info: /

Care of Heart Community Development

Warm meals and freedom songs to lift the spirits

Care of Heart Community Development will honour the legacy of Mandela by spending 67 minutes to promote peace, reconciliation and to fight poverty in their community.

They will be serving vulnerable families with a warm bowl of food and will be singing freedom songs to bring hope to Paarl East.

For more info:

Buddy Soup Kitchen

Handing out warm plates of food

The homeless community in Lantana will, as always, be supported by Buddy Soup Kitchen, who hands out warm plates of food.

To support them, the public is invited to make food or financial donations.

For more info:

Hope Caring Welfare Organisation

Donating Bibles and feeding the needy

Pastor Ivan Fortuin and his team will be handing out Bibles to vulnerable youth in Xhosa, English and Afrikaans.

They are also making big pot of soup and vetkoeke to hand out to people in need.

For more info:

Change Within Development

Distributing school packs, food, masks and clothes

The organisation will be distributing school packs to 50 of their Changing Minds after-school children in the Lantana and Amstelhof area.

They are also continuing to serve the farming communities with food, masks and warm clothes, and to launch their partnership with Outliers afterschool to sponsor 150 school packs for primary school children.

For more info:

Lady Hawk Community Social Development

Hosting a cleaning initiative and handing out food

The sports teams that usually participate in Lady Hawk’s sport league, will be cleaning the streets of Lantana on Mandela Day.

The organisation will also be providing sandwiches and cooldrinks to the participants and those in need. The nutritional needs in the local communities are currently very high, and the organisation will be helping vulnerable households in this way.

For more info:

The Valcare team would like to emphasise the importance of the Covid-19 health and safety regulations to do your part to stop the spread. When you support an initiative, please make sure it adheres to:

  • Social distancing
  • Wearing face masks
  • Sanitising hands and general areas

For more information, please contact