#RealHeroes Series

Shirley’s Story:

“By the age of 27 I had been raped multiple times. I was addicted to drugs and had sold most of my possessions. I lived on the streets, in trees, in garages and often with dealers. I was physically assaulted by men and caught up in the underworld. I had also become a prostitute.

Once, I was abducted by a gang who abused me and clothed me in a bloody shirt as a warning to their rivals.

One morning in the midst of the mess I felt different. God’s voice was urging me to accept Him. I scrambled to get decent clothes and desperately stumbled into the closest church.

My hands lifted to the sky and I surrendered. I decided to never turn back to my old ways, no matter what. I found a job and received guidance and encouragement through various organisations and ministries.

I started a friendship with Madelein from Rahab Ministry. We had regular counselling coffees and to this day I still attend their Bible studies and socials.

Today, I have a decent job, a beautiful daughter and grandchild. I’m married to a man who has miraculously turned his life around too.

I know the future is bright, and now I dream of helping others get free from their circumstances too.”

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