#RealHeroes Series

Leen’s Story (as told by Elra from Ma’s vir Wellington):

“Leen is a kind and beautiful young lady who was born with a mental disability.

In order to get more stimulation and development, she was invited to join the Avodah programme at Ma’s vir Wellington.

I enjoyed working with Leen, but I started to notice that she was always bringing objects very close to her face to figure out what they were. I soon realised that she was visually impaired as she also couldn’t identify colours or write her own name.

I phoned a local optometrist to get an appointment, and on telling her story, he offered to do the eye test for free. I couldn’t believe it, but it turned out that Leen only has 10% sight in her one eye with little chance of improving. She was living like this for 28 years without knowing how to express her challenge, or perhaps thinking that this is how most people see.

A pair of brand new glasses was made especially for her, and when she put them on for the first time, her face lit up with wonder.

This one small act of kindness has changed everything for her. She is more positive than ever. She has improved her colouring-in skills and she is excellent at stringing beads.

For the first time in her life she can see properly. The world is a different place now.”

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